When the Fog Lifts


These last few days it has felt like the sun has finally risen in my head and a miasma of illness has cleared.  I must have been a lot sicker than I realised, because looking back, it seems as though my head hasn’t been clear in weeks.

Now, finally, I’m feeling alert, like I have some actual energy and ability to do things again.  It’s a lovely feeling after so long of not.

I’ve been taking full advantage of it while it’s here – I’m reorganising my lounge so I have my reading and crafting nook (where a large chair will eventually be placed).  The amazing human has organised his desk so he has more room and it’s tidier and how he wants it to be.  I’m keeping my eyes out for shelving I can put in various areas of the lounge so I can unpack some of the remaining four boxes of books I have.  I steam cleaned a test area of the carpet.  I’m prepping to clean all the sofa cushion covers…

Spring has sprung, both literally and within me.  I find this cycle every year – it’s not until days not only start getting longer, but we actually start to get more sun and nicer weather (especially on weekends, as I don’t get out much during the week days), that my energy levels return and I’m able to function as a normal human being.

It helps immensely that my physio made a minor adjustment to my pelvic rotation and spine.  It was a minor adjustment that has had a massive impact.  I’m able to walk a lot more easily, relax my whole back, and stand up straighter.  This in turn has helped with my shoulders and neck being overly tight (they’re a lot looser now), releasing tension at the base of my skull and resulting in a lot less neck pain and an almost immediate cessation of headaches.

I find it interesting how much a few tense muscles can affect your whole body.

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