A Change in Medicine – Doubling Pregabalin


During my visit to my doctor yesterday, he noted that I was also on Pregabalin, which reduces nerve pain … like trigeminal neuralgia.  As I’m having some fairly intense side effects from carbamazepine, he suggested we double the dose of pregabalin, which was relatively well tolerated, and subsequently reduce the dose of carbamazepine to one that is sufficient to keep the pain under relative control, but also reduces the side effects from it.

I began my doubled dose of pregabalin last night (300mg twice daily).  This morning I feel dizzy as anything but totally awesome.  I’m just lying here on the couch with my legs up on the back of the couch (a position I find most comfortable) and I am incredibly dizzy and also feeling quite euphoric.  I am definitely rambling.

I usually experience some fairly intense dizziness with pregabalin during the first 1-3 days, as well as some euphoria, and a good mood that continues on.  I know what to expect with it.  My hope is that the doubled pregabalin will allow me to reduce the tegretol from 400mg twice daily down to 200mg three times daily, or even lower!

But first, get through the dizziness and make sure the pregabalin is taking off that last bit of pain.  Then I can start adjusting.

Double the Pregabalin


I started taking pregabalin on the evening of my last day of work last year.  I did this specifically because we had a very busy period in the lead up to Christmas, and I did not want to be in any kind of vaguely altered state during this mad rush.

As it turns out, it was a good idea, as I experienced some fairly hefty dizziness during my first few days on pregabalin.  I was on the lowest therapeutic dose, 75mg twice daily.  My doctor advised that we had room to quadruple my dose, depending on how I responded, and we were

The week before last I had my first week of work experience, and so my first week of doing stuff, while on pregabalin.  75mg twice daily did not quite cut the mustard, and I found myself in quite a bit of pain by day two.  I also found myself with absolutely no energy by the end of each day, making it home as a zombie and crawling onto the couch to put my feet up.

Last weekend I doubled my dose.  This time the first couple of days involved some decent dizziness – nowhere near as dizzy as starting pregabalin, but definitely bad enough that I wasn’t keen to drive, but by the third day I was able to get around confidently.

It was immediately apparent that I had an increase in energy levels.  I have been able to do more during my days without exhaustion setting in.  On Thursday, I was up and moving / working / cleaning from 7am until 9.30pm, and while I was exhausted on Friday, I was no where near as achy and dead as I normally would have been.

I also have a much greater sense of peace and contentment.  Fluoxetine has worked very well for taking the edge of my anxiety and depression.  My resting heart rate gleefully sat at around 80-90, while my standing up and moving around heart rate would range from 95-115.  My heart rate, even lying down, would very rarely dip below 80.  My sleeping heart rate would be 50-60.  For me, these are pretty good values.  Before this I would usually have a resting heart rate somewhere in the 90s.

On amitrip (with fluoxetine), I’d have similar values, except for Tachycardia Monday, where my heart rate would consistently be over 100 (sometimes as high as 125) until about midday, and then it would go back to normal.

On 75mg twice daily pregabalin (with fluoxetine), I had fairly similar values as to fluoxetine only.  On 150mg twice daily pregabalin, my heart rate very rarely goes above 100 (even when I’m standing up and moving around) and typically sits around the 70s when I’m sitting and the 90s when I’m moving.  Sometimes it even goes as low as the 60s when I’m lying around!  Since beginning to wear my Apple Watch (specifically for this reason) almost a year ago, I have not recorded values as good as this.

So not only is there a clear physiological effect of lowering my heart rate (I suspect by some cool actions on my central nervous system), it also has the effect of relaxing me mentally, and giving me a sense of calm, contentment, and relaxed energy I have only really experienced when on a really good holiday.

I am hopeful that this continues for the long term and it’s not just my brain getting used to the increased amount of pregabalin.  If it does, I may have my life back!

Pregabalin – Day Two


My doctor has prescribed pregabalin for my fibromyalgia, at a low dose, for two months.  I waited until work was wrapped up for the hear, as side effects include dizziness and general space-cadet-ness, which wouldn’t be ideal for the last week of work.

I took my first dose of pregabalin on two nights ago.  I curled up in my favourite chair and knitted for a bit.  I found myself nodding off fairly promptly, so took myself off to bed and slept.  I woke up early.

That day I was dizzy and had visual disturbances – rather like the frame rate for my eyes wasn’t quite fast enough.  It was peculiar, to say the least, so I didn’t drive anywhere.  I felt drowsy all day and a wee bit spacey.

The second day, being today, was a lot better.  No dizziness and no frame rate peculiarities.  My pain levels have considerably decreased, but I’m not sure if that’s because I’m on holiday and so I’m pottering about more (because I don’t have to lie and rest for work), or if it’s already beginning to work.

So far it has been the least offensive drug I have ever begun to take.  There doesn’t seem to be any mental disturbances, and I don’t feel particularly spacey or dizzy anymore.  So far I’m impressed and vaguely optimistic this may work.