Fluoxetine: Day 2


Fluoxetine, also known as Prozac, is one of the generic “catch all” SSRIs that are often tried first and foremost, unless there is anything that would indicate another medication would be the best starting point.

I have just started it.  Last night I took my second dose of 20mg Fluoxetine.  I’m on ondansetron – although protip:  do not take this combination if you have a heart problem, and be aware that it does increase the risk of seratonin syndrome.  I’m taking this combination because, if I don’t, I will vomit.  I’ve taken ondansetron before, and it works incredibly quickly as an anti-nausea, and I was not going to be taking anything with a side effect of nausea without an anti-nausea and anti-emetic.

So far it’s quite a pleasant trip, and it really is a trip.  It’s like being permanently lightly high on MDMA – everything feels a little different, positive emotions are more colourful, and the filter that usually exists between your brain and your mouth (or in this case, the fingers) is largely absent.  Thus the rambling.

I have had minor excessive salivation.  I have had hyposalivation (drymouth) – which is handy because it makes me drink more.  I have had gastrointestinal cramping (honestly fairly typical of my GIT system with anything new).  I have had headaches.  I have had fairly intense nausea (thank you ondansetron).  I have had moments of light dizziness.  But overall I’ve had a sense of … relaxation.  Looseness.

I have also had a couple of small, but intense … anxiety / overstimulatory / wrong stimulation attacks.  I don’t know what they’re called, and I don’t know quite how to describe them, other than the visual and auditory stimulus is not something I like, want, or am interested in, and it is in such a way that it is … uncomfortable.

But overall, the first two days have been … loose, relaxing, verbose, cuddly, and not bad.

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