I Have Bilateral Trigeminal Neuralgia


In my right jaw, at all times, I have deep burning ache of bone being eaten away.  It isn’t, but that’s what it feels like.  I have an ache along my brow ridge.  The area around my temples incredibly sensitive, and makes putting on my glasses hazardous.

Sometimes it feels like a tooth is being pulled with limited analgesia.  On bad days, my zygomatic arch burns.  Sometimes the side of my nose gets a sharp stab.

Now on my left I have occasional flare ups of sharper pain coursing down my jawline and along my zygomatic ridge.

I am currently on 600mg pregabalin (300mg twice daily) and 600mg tegretol (200mg three times daily).  I’m maxed out on pregabalin, and only half way to max on tegretol, but I do not tolerate tegretol well and cannot go any higher.

Sitting around not making any faces or talking, the pain is tiring but manageable.  Talking causes pain.  Some eating causes pain.  Smiling and laughing causes pain.

It’s exhausting.  Explaining it again and again (often to the same people!!) is exhausting.  Being in pain is exhausting.  It’s never ending.

But the worst of it is the medication (tegretol) for treatment of the trigeminal neuralgia cause additional fatigue and aches!  Just what I need with fibromyalgia.

Well, I’ve gotten my referral to the neurologist, and we’re getting an MRI done (likely private, given how long it’s taking for my referral to be triaged!!), and then we’ll see what we can operate on.  Here’s hoping the public system doesn’t make me wait.