Addition of Citicoline


I have spent the last year playing with supplements.  The primary supplements I aim for is appreciable levels of Vitamin D, a good B blend, and Magnesium.  I don’t get a lot of vitamin D in my everyday life, so supplementing it helps me stave off seasonal depression.  A vitamin B blend helps to manage my stress levels.  Magnesium helps to keep me relaxed and sleep better.

Last week I went into a new pharmacy with a friend to pick up some more B vitamins, as I’d run out.  Said friend saw a thing about brain improvement, and impulsively, we split the cost and bought it.  It was citicoline 250mg.

Since taking citicoline, the fibro fog has lifted, I am more alert, my recall is superior (even for language things, which I’ve always found difficult).  It has improved my overall mental alertness throughout the day.  Waking up is still a pain to do, but once I’m up and moving, staying up and moving is easier.

It hasn’t assisted with the fibromyalgia pain at all, but that’s okay.  It’s moved a huge amount of mental fog and really helped with my ability to function.

At the moment I’m only on 250gm every morning.  I’ve ordered a larger pack (30 capsules was $40 at the pharmacy, but $40 for 150 capsules from a reputable online store), and once that’s here I’ll increase it to 500gm.  I’m really interested to see how doubling the dose affects my alertness – you can go up to 2,000mg without concern of toxicity.  I probably won’t go quite that high, but I’m definitely going to play around with it.

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