The Aches And Shakes


The last few weeks have been interesting to say the least.

I appear to have developed an essential tremor in all of its forms – internal, kinetic, and postural.  I am in fact off work today with the aches and shakes!

It seems to mostly appear when I have ‘done too much’ – typically beginning lightly on Thursday and coming in a bit more solidly on Friday, and then slowly receding over a weekend of rest.  This weekend just past wasn’t particularly restful, so I was shaking myself to pieces yesterday at work.

This morning I had the ‘roaming aches’, where one joint would feel incredibly painful, then that would go away, and another would start feeling incredibly painful.  On top of that, I have my usual overly exhausted body aches in my hips, lower back, all down my legs, and around my shoulders and neck.  Fortunately I’ve got my physio appointment today, so that should ameliorate at least some of those aches.

So I’m not entirely sure if the shakes relate directly to the fibro, or more to the amitriptyline, as postural tremors are associated with both.  Although I notice mine most as a kinetic tremor, I lose my fine motor skills, and simple tasks like leafing through paper or putting a paperclip on are surprisingly challenging.

I’ll raise this with my doctor on Thursday, who will hopefully have all the blood results back by then, and I can get a properly tentative answer as to what this all is.  In the meantime, it’s nap time.