Frantic Energy


Frantic energy is just another manifestation of stress.

For me it displays as a need to fidget, an inability to sit still, twitching my toes, rubbing my fingers together, swinging my legs … some days I decide I’m just going to be completely still and force myself not to move.  Or there are days where I don’t feel like I can move as I need.  They’re the less good days.

Today I’m fidgeting.  It’s windy out, I’ve been having nightmares for the last three nights, I have been sleeping like crap … so I’m all keyed up in a not very good way.

On days like this I don’t allow myself to make any decisions, or go shopping.  I make sure I have movement and fidget outlets and just ride this crap out.  Naps also help.

So does going to sleep at a reasonable hour, which I’m definitely going to try tonight!

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